• Telemarketing Companies Vs Telesales Companies

Telemarketing Companies Vs Telesales Companies

Telemarketing Companies: How They Can Help Your Business Grow

People often confuse telemarketing companies with telesales companies, and vice versa, but these two phone based techniques are very different indeed. With the telesales technique, you will often find the caller, sometimes cold calling potential customers, with the aim to sell them a product or service over the phone. These scripted calls are designed to generate instant leads, direct sales, and even up sales or cross sales. Many businesses use these techniques to generate their sole revenues, and when used the right way, telesales is a great way to build customers numbers and improve sales.

A telemarketing company works in a very different way from telesales, as this approach is not primarily concerned with generating a single sale over the phone. Instead, telemarketing is used to book and make professional appointments. These complex calls are often far less scripted than the telesales call style, and generally require high level conversational skills and persuasive powers from the telemarketer. The initial telemarketing call is only the first step in this marketing approach. Many phone calls, additional materials and information may need to be sent in order to build a solid business relationship with potential customers. When done the right way, telemarketing can help to boost the revenue of any business with new leads, accounts and customers. 

Difference between Telemarketing and Telesales

Many people assume that telemarketing is telesales. Or that telesales is telemarketing. And they'd be wrong - there is a strong difference between telemarketing and telesales, and most businesses are only suited to one of the two.

A service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone with a mission to generate a high turnover of conversions through a high volume of consistent phone calls. This is most popular for B2C companies wanting to advertise services or products to a wide range of people, with the objective of usually closing business over the phone.

Unlike telesales, telemarketing is less about call volumes and more about the quality of leads generated and time spent nurturing potential customers to then book an appointment. Telemarketing campaigns are more planned out with research and feedback from customers to help generate qualifying leads.

Choosing between Telesales and Telemarketing companies

Many companies approach both telesales and telemarketing in the wrong way, and fail to make leads, sales and create meaningful and lasting customer relationships over the phone. This approach not only wastes money, but it can also damage your brand and reputation. But, when these telephone marketing styles are executed in the right way, and used as part of a larger marketing plan, they can help to develop and build any business.

Managing your own in-house telemarketing team can be very difficult if you have no or little experience in this field. Many companies and organisations will often outsource and use a telemarketing company to fulfil their needs.

When using telemarketing companies, you'll find that they offer far more than phone calls as part of the package. Your telemarketing company will be able to help you integrate telemarketing into your existing business plan, help you to plan your approach and choose the optimum time for your marketing campaign, ensuring the greatest success.

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