• B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

Why Your Company Needs B2B Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the most successful methods of creating business to business (b2b) lead generation. This marketing approach differs greatly from telesales, as it is more concerned with creating b2b appointments and sales opportunities. Many companies attempt to run their own b2b appointment generation campaigns, but telemarketing is an art form that's often difficult to master. The pitfalls of 'burn out', recruitment and retention issues and maintaining performance and morale are all too often encountered.

One of the fundamental parts of b2b lead generation is the script. This is an essential tool that will allow your organisation an 'in' with the business you're approaching. Scripts are specially created for each individual business and campaign, to ensure the best results possible. These scripts are thoroughly tested, and these methods are used to ensure that the caller is able to access all key and senior personnel. These specially designed scripts help telemarketers bypass the gatekeepers such as receptionists and PA's, and speak to the real decisions makers in the businesses. Those who don't have the proper business to business telemarketing training, will often fall at the first hurdle, and fail to access the full potential of the lead.

Although the script plays an important role in b2b lead generation, deviation is nearly always required. The ability of an agent to go 'off pieste' is essential. Telemarketers are well versed in dealing with all kinds of phone based situations, and are able to adapt their approaches if necessary. With B2b lead generation it is essential that the telemarketer is able to be flexible in conversation, whilst using sophisticated persuasive techniques.

Telemarketing companies help businesses to avoid the most commonly made mistakes, and allow them to gain access to the real decision makers. B2b telemarketing often involves far more than a phone call. The initial call is the starting point in a long tailor-made marketing strategy. The initial call is used to influence the decision makers, without being too pushy. Next will come a variety of follow up calls, emails, and carefully selected information. The b2b telemarketing team will then manage and nurture the business relationship, which will eventually lead to a b2b appointment. These campaigns will often be strategically placed and timed to work alongside a broader marketing sales plan, which helps the company brand become better recognised.

A lot more goes into b2b telemarketing than most people think, and campaigns will often last a number of weeks until the appointment is secured. The flexible and practical b2b telemarketing approach can open up many new opportunities and is one of the most effective methods for generating appointments, sales and vital new business.

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