• A Guide to Data Quality

A Guide to Data Quality

How data is key to a successful campaign

The two most important factors that will affect your appointment making telemarketing campaign are the quality of your data and the strength of the marketing message you have to deliver. Your campaign coordinator will work with you to develop a strong message. Obviously the accuracy of data is crucial; however there are some more subtle considerations to be borne in mind when purchasing or collating a dataset for telemarketing. Here are some key factors that should be considered.

  • As far as possible data should contain the name of the person you would like us to make the appointment with, at the very least the job title of the desired contact should be provided. The more decision maker names we have to collect the less time there will be to make appointments with them
  • The companies contained in the data must be very similar. If you would like us to speak with manufacturing companies the more specific the type of manufacturing the more precise the message can be. So doing a campaign directed at food and drink manufacturers will be more sucessful than a campaign directed at general manufacturing. Doing a campain directed at soft drink producers will be more sucessful than one directed at food and drink, and a campaign directed at fruit juice producers will be more sucesful than soft drink producers. 
  • Making sure that the contact you wish to meet is based at the location provided. Providing a head office or branch phone number and adddress is no guarantee that the decision maker is based at that location. A consuderable amount of calling time can be lost tracking down  the location of the required decision maker, this of course detracts from appointment making time.
  • A significant number of foreign owned companies do not have the autonomy to make certain decisions. This often includes insurance and accountancy decisions. 
  • SIC codes are the universal method of classifying industry types. These classifications tend to be quite broad and often inaccurate; this can be for a variety of reasons. In our experience at least 20% of companies registered under a paticular SIC code will no longer be under the correct classification, this of course makes a nonsense out of the sector specific message we are conveying.
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  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark We have been working closely with IBC for many years and greatly value their professional and flexible approach. They are very skilled in building rapport on the telephone with people at all levels, including senior executives and are very efficient in following-up leads in a timely and effective manner. They also provide us with valuable and comprehensive campaign MI and have become a valued extension of our Marketing Dept. Janice Buffett
    Group Marketing Director
  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark We were impressed with Integrity from the moment we heard their first presentation on why we should work with them. Their enthusiasm and genuine interest in helping us connect with some of our target clients was apparent from the outset and shines through in their approach to each of our campaigns.

    They really took time to understand company and our market to partner with us and we feel we have an extended part of the firm undertaking our campaigns. We would have no hesitation in recommending their service and we look forward to continuing to work with Integrity.
    Graeme Ross
    Business Development Manager
    Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP
  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark Having worked with Integrity Business Connections for over 3 years, we recognise them as valued business partner and an integral part of our business development. They invested time in understanding our market and our company which we felt was vital to achieve our desired results. Always found to be professional in their approach, working with Integrity has enabled us to secure some very lucrative accounts. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service. Phillip Hall
    BDM Trade Credit Division
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  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark I have always been impressed with how easy it is to commission campaigns, and the help and support that is always available to assist us in getting our message right and maximising our return on investment. I have no hesitation in recommending Integrity as an excellent telemarketing partner who will not hesitate to tell us if they think we could design our campaign more effectively. David Rickersey
    Commercial Director
    Maguire Training
  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark We have used Integrity BC for a number of years to conduct our specialist B2B financial services campaigns. The work IBC has conducted on our behalf has resulted in a promising pipeline and valuable meetings for our sales team, allowing us to meet with senior finance personnel in many of our target organisations. Patrick Totty
    UK Sales Manager
    Ayming UK Ltd
  • Quotation Mark Quotation Mark I would like to take this opportunity to thank Integrity Business Connections Limited for demonstrating great success and value whilst working with Hampshire Chamber Of Commerce. I highly recommend them as a preferred Telemarketing Company to any business. They went above and beyond and delivered on target. Stewart Dunn
    Chief Executive
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