• Why your telemarketing data is the best data

Why Your Telemarketing Data Is The Best Data

There's a reason data is expensive: everyone wants it.

Outside of the world of telemarketing, look at the efforts Google are making to get hold of data on you - in order to sell to advertisers. Google Plus is the biggest data collection campaign of all time, in my opinion - simple sign-up and constant monitoring of behaviour and habits. With profile data, Google are collecting a huge amount of data about you that they can eventually use in their Analytics and Adwords services.

They know the value of having their own data. Now, they could buy it in, but it will be expensive, and lots of other people will have bought that data. Once that data has been bought by multiple people, it will lose its value. 

It will lose value because the people being targeted will grow fatigued. 

This happens in B2B telemarketing, when data has been bought from external sources. Those external sources will sell the data to multiple telemarketers, ensuring that the same people receive multiple calls. They grow tired of receiving calls all the time, and they tell gatekeepers to stop calls from getting through - particularly if they are at a high level of seniority.

The impact on your campaigns is significant - the calls to conversations ratio drops, and therefore the number of appointments you will generate drops. If you're only having 3 conversations a day instead of 10, you're not spending your money wisely.

Building your own database is worth the investment - and there are many ways you can do it, which often turn out to be cheaper than constantly buying in data lists from external sources:

  • Create valuable thought leadership content, and put it behind a form on your site
    This allows you to capture data in exchange for your intellectual capital - base the follow-up call around the content... what did they think? Did they agree with your point of view? Go in softly...
  • Build your own customer & prospect database in a CRM - and have it refreshed by an external data provider every year
    There's huge value in having your database refreshed on an annual basis - you may not get a 100% hit rate, but if you can find old contacts who have moved organisation, or new contacts within an organisation you currently work with, it's good data.
  • Use telemarketers to refresh your data & therefore your database
    Every time you make a call to an organisation, ensure that there is a data capture system in place. New contacts, promotions, leavers, new hires - there's plenty to gather.

Having your own data means that your telemarketing investment goes a lot further.


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