• Why A Flexible Approach is Required in Telemarketing

Why A Flexible Approach is Required in Telemarketing

Telemarketing may be a well-established marketing channel. However in today’s competitive market, campaigns need to be highly targeted and well thought out to yield results.

Whilst telemarketing goals may vary, B2B telemarketing professionals will always need to engage the customer and win their confidence before getting them to seriously consider an offer. The script will do this for you – if it is well-written – but you will need to deviate from it.

We examine how adding flexibility to your methods can help you to achieve telemarketing success.

Everyone Is An Individual

Following a call guide brings consistency to each conversation and allows the marketer to put their energy into listening to the prospect. However, sticking rigidly to a script can prevent you from getting the most out of your call.

It is important to remember that everyone is an individual and different approaches will work with different people. Some people will favour a direct, succinct approach whilst others may require more explanation and reassurance. Successful telemarketers will be able to ‘read’ their prospect early on in the conversation and adapt the dialogue to their needs.

Be Human

The old phrase ‘people buy from people’ may be a little over-used, however it is never truer than when communicating a marketing message by phone.

A degree of freedom is essential to allow telemarketers to go with the flow of the conversation and encourage a more 'human' dialogue. In order to win a prospects confidence, you need to build up a true rapport with them.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size fits all approach for this; however asking questions is a good way to demonstrate your interest in solving your prospect’s problems. Focusing on how you can help each person and empathising with the issues they are facing can also promote a more ‘human’ discussion.


In telemarketing, not all calls will be straightforward and you may find that a prospect challenges you with probing and unexpected questions.

Some prospects may be deliberately confrontational or overly defensive. Dealing with these calls successfully will be dependent on your ability to think on your feet and 'go off script'. Provide a fitting response to a difficult question, and you can quickly gain the respect of the person you are calling.

Try Something New

If your pitch just doesn’t seem to be working, you need the flexibility to be able to try different methods. Repeatedly try the same tactics and you will simply frustrate your prospect.

If you find that an individual is reluctant to engage with you, try to find common ground and shift the emphasis away from the sale. The prospect needs to find the dialogue useful and informative in order to actively consider your offering. 

Take Time to Listen

In telemarketing, you need to be able to talk and listen in equal measure, and be intuitive enough to realise when each is appropriate. It's a mistake to just keep talking at a prospect, as you'll effectively be cutting them out of the conversation. If your conversation isn't two-way, the individual you are calling will quickly loose interest.

Flexibility for Trust

Flexibility is essential in telemarketing in order to gain your prospect’s trust, adapt to the individual and respond to any challenges they present you with.

The freedom to deviate from a script provides greater opportunity to establish a connection with the individual and turn them into a serious prospect. After all, a telemarketer's key asset is their experience and by drawing on this, they will be best placed to steer the conversation for success. 

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