• What to leave in a voicemail and following up

What to leave in a voicemail and following up

Telemarketing, as we all know, is a tough job. A majority of the times when calling prospects you have many challenges to pass before you get to the person you need, like getting past the gatekeeper.

Sometimes, you don’t get through to anyone. Do you leave a voicemail?

Depending on how old your data is you will have to assess whether that number is an updated one. You could be leaving 200 messages a day, without half of them being recent numbers. If you know that the number you have dialed is for the prospect, or a gateway – it’s best to call once and follow up the call at a later time in the day or the next day. 

If you have tried to call again, leave a message. Really, it is recommended that you try to do as much as you can before you leave your name and number. But, in B2B marketing it is at times the better option to finally leave a message, without wasting too much time calling and calling. 

What do you say in a message?

If you have reached the voicemail, or got past the gatekeeper but landed the voicemail – leave a short, detailed message. You want to give your prospect as much useful information as you can, within a short period of time. You want to at all costs, avoid boring the prospect and leading them to stop listening to the message before you have even finished.

In the message you need to make it clear - who you are, where you’re calling from and what the call is regarding. Here’s a bit of advice, don’t jump into letting them know you are a telemarketer and try not to make it obvious that you’re aim is to sell a product. You must be wise and chose your words correctly.

Tell them a bit about the product and HOW it will benefit the prospect, try and keep this minimal – don’t go on and on. Leave a number for them to call you back, if they are interested, they will call you back. 

If you don’t get a response to your voicemail over a few days, follow up the call.

Following up a voicemail

When following up a voicemail, you have two options.

One: Call them back and try and get hold of them this time, hopefully to get through and again mention who you are, about the message and ask if they had received it. Get a conversation going and get right down to business. If you get through to the prospect, and they are not available, find out what the best time is to call them back, and make sure you schedule yourself in to call them then.

Secondly: If you have their email address, email them following up on the voicemail. This time you can even send through some extra information or marketing material that can help them be more interested in the product.

Keep your voicemails professional, and friendly. Don’t be abrupt and rush everything you want to say. Speak in a clear, understandable manner, slowly if there is a lot of information but, don’t over do your message and try to keep it as short and to the point as you can.

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