• Telemarketing: Why it's important in Marketing Campaigns

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Telemarketing: Why it's important in Marketing Campaigns

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Telemarketing is often confused with telesales but they are exceptionally different. Telesales is used to get sales over the phone whereas, telemarketing is used to build relationships to then get to the step to book and arrange appointments with the key decision-makers.

Telemarketing involved a less scripted call therefore, requiring a high-level conversational skilled and persuasive powers from the telemarketer to initially start a business relationship with a potential client. This is just the first-step in this particular marketing approach to gain the attention of the potential client. From here, many phonecalls will be made alongside additional materials and information to be sent to them and, if this is done correctly then telemarketing will significantly boost the revenue of any business with new leads, accounts and clients.

This is a useful advertising/marketing tool and should be integrated into appropriate campaigns for your clients, or for your agency. When these telephone marketing styles are executed in the right way, and used as part of a larger marketing plan, they can help, and build, any business.

Telemarketing organisations are able to offer far more than just 'phone calls' as part of a package. You will be able to integrate telemarketing into your clients' marketing plan and choose the optimum time for your marketing campaign and, ensure the greatest success for them.

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