• Telemarketing Companies & TPS

Telemarketing Companies & TPS

Some telemarketing companies may be in trouble! For the first time, Trading Standards have began to enforce the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) laws which means that businesses and telemarketers are facing an increased risk of fines for calling people registered on the TPS ‘do not call’ list. 

There are undoubtedly a lot of telemarketing companies that do not adhere to rules and regulations, especially the TPS laws. It is therefore important that you choose the best telemarketing company.

Some businesses do not see the importance of choosing a company that works legitimately because for them, they are solely concerned about leads. They don’t care where the lead has come from – as long as it is bringing them business.

While choosing a telemarketing company without ethics can offer you many leads and seemingly cheaper prices, in the long run this can work against you. A home improvements company, Apple Group Holdings Limited was fined £36,000 for unsolicited calls to elderly and vulnerable people. Now it could be that these were leads that came from a telemarketing company but when the damage is done, your business will have to pay the consequences, just like the heavy fine given in this case.

It is best to check that the telemarketing company you are buying from or working alongside abides by the TPS legislation.

“Businesses using telemarketing as a part of their marketing mix need to be cautious when conducting the right checks on the data they use or buy. Screening against the TPS is an essential part of data compliance and companies need to take all complaints seriously.” – John Mitchison

Remember to fully research the company you are buying from and don’t forget to check that they are DMA accredited. Companies that are members of the UK telemarketing industry body, Direct Marketing Association are credible and are far from the fraudsters that sell stolen data.

So, make sure you pick the best telemarketing company for your business. 

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