• Telemarketing and your brand

Telemarketing and your brand

While many consider B2B Telemarketing to be a single touchpoint between your brand and a prospective customer, there are many more considerations when it comes to branding. This is why brand managers should have a stake in crafting the B2B telemarketing message, as part of an overall campaign.

Who's representing you?

By outsourcing your telemarketing, you're already putting your brand in the hands of someone else. If, for example, you want your organisation to be portrayed as a sincere, "listening" type of business, would you have an abrupt telemarketer trying to get your message heard above the interjections of a prospect?

By considering the very tone of your telemarketing message, you're considering how you want your brand to be portrayed in that single touchpoint.

If, for example, your business prides itself on clarity, is your message clear and concise? Are you getting your key selling points across in a simple manner? 

Keeping the conversation going

Equally, consider that many of your prospects may already have heard of you. You may have sent out a direct mail or an e-mail recently that emphasises your key brand messages, or you may have spoken to that client before. You may have run an advertising campaign... so treat telemarketing as a means of carrying on a conversation that you've already been having.

This underlines the value of consistency - consistency of a telemarketing message with other marketing messages that are part of the overall mix. A break in the tone of the message, or the message itself, can result in a negative impression of the business, thus making the appointment setting process more difficult.

Multiple calls, multiple callers

A further consideration when keeping telemarketing on-brand is that you will have several interactions with prospects, dating over several months or years, and the calls may be handled by different telemarketers. Therefore, consider the off-script nuances that naturally come with this kind of territory: a second call will be based off the back of information from the first call. The relationship will naturally follow, but the telemarketer should effectively be an extension of your marketing team.

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