• How to avoid the

How to avoid the "Rubbish in - Rubbish out" trap

There’s one mantra that all telemarketers live by: rubbish in, rubbish out. By not taking care of the data that you input to a telemarketing campaign, your output will be low quality. Indeed, the quality of results is almost always directly proportionate to the quality of the data that goes into the campaign.

So how do you avoid falling into the “rubbish in rubbish out” trap?

1. If you buy data, do it once and once only

There are those who like to buy data frequently – and we would advise against this. In doing so, you would have a mixture of data freshness, data quality and data formats; it is best to buy your data in once – and buy lots of it. Once you’ve got it, it’s yours, and you are wholly responsible for it.

2. Take control of your own data

Now, take control. This is your prospect universe – so decide what’s important to you as a business, and what’s not. If you have gaps in your data as a result of this discussion, then you need to plug those gaps.

Taking ownership of data is a big decision within a business, but it means you know who is responsible if something goes wrong!

Equally, you should know how many leads you want to generate over the next 18 months. From there, define how many people you need to talk to in order to generate those leads – and who you need to talk to.

3. Have your data washed regularly

Data starts to go bad the minute you buy it. Like a new car losing value the minute you drive it off the forecourt.

You should aim to build a quarterly or biannual plan for data cleansing into your strategy. People move jobs, get promoted – companies merge, acquire or get acquired. Nothing stands still, so it stands to reason that your data won’t stand still.

If you’ve prioritised your data according to your lead generation requirements, cleanse what you need for the next 6 months.

4. Build a data maintenance ethos into your business

Everyone in your business has to know how important data is. Without clean data, you waste money, and you waste time. With clean data, you get more appointments, and you generate more business.

It’s as simple as that. Once people understand the importance, train them on data maintenance, and train them on when to maintain data. Sales reps should be entering contact details and updating deal information… marketing should be ensuring lead details are captured correctly. Everyone is responsible.

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