• Just a phone call away – Why use Telemarketing?

Just a phone call away – Why use Telemarketing?

Businesses are getting busier and time is not always on their side. Time, money, staff recruitment, office space, credibility – these are just a few things an employee juggles with before hiring an in-company telemarketer. 79% of companies do not follow up new business leads, which is perhaps one of the reasons why most businesses have started to outsource their telemarketing.

By using a telemarketing company, businesses save money and pass on great responsibility to the experts that are able to produce more grounded and quality leads for the business. They have the time and tools to keep up to date with clients and to follow up new leads, whilst nurturing existing ones.

At present, many businesses spend a lot of time networking, attending meetings, events and exhibitions in order to grow their business, however the harsh reality can sometimes lead to no success and it means the business is never really able to capitalize on their hard work. The outcome shows time wasted, lost opportunity and money along with more psychological effects like low morale and hit on confidence.

Telemarketing companies take off pressure and take charge of appointment setting. Just like Integrity BC, good telemarketing companies specialize in appointment setting with companies and decision makers to produce a solid pipeline of appointments. Risk-free approaches means that you are guaranteed to pay for what you get which leaves you with a peace of mind that your investment in the appointment setting will bring you significant return.

Telemarketing companies can also offer Data Cleansing and Data Enhancement services which is important, especially for companies that may have an old list of contacts that has not been cleaned for months or even years. By cleaning data you will ensure that your list is up-to-date and you will have more of a chance to get through to the decision maker with a more reliable, cleansed list.

There are many benefits to using a telemarketing service, but these are only beneficial if you need to save time and do not have the opportunity or money to start or develop on your own telemarketing team. Outsourcing your telemarketing needs can be the easy, more convenient way to create more leads.

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