• How to get to know your prospect

How to get to know your prospect

When telemarketing to potential prospects, like the job of the CIA, it is important to do a background check. Knowing your prospect will help you reach your goal.

Many times marketers will do a quick background search on the company but not enough on the industry or the individual.

Industry search 

Why is it important to do an industry search? Well, firstly you need to know that the person you’ve called is relevant to your product or service. Secondly, it helps to know what is currently going on in the industry, what news could help you turn your prospect into a lead and, in due time will result in a potential sale.

People will respect the knowledge you have on the industry that they work in, it may even benefit you if they take a liking to your approach and efforts. 

Having industry research can also help you to be much more engaging in the conversation and you can build a better rapport by knowing what you are talking about confidently. 

Individual profile

The individual profile research is focused around the person you are calling. You may not always know exactly whom you are going to be talking to; you may just be looking for a re-direct to the right person. But, for the prospects whose names are on your database – you should be doing an individual analysis. 

There are many ways to do this, and it’s conveniently, mostly through social. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – they are still the best platforms to know what your prospects are up to, what they are talking about and what they are interested in.

Again, this can help massively when getting through to prospects on the phone. You must not approach any conversation by stating things you have read about them, this may give off a ‘stalker’ approach if you’re not careful. The whole point of the individual research is to help you have a conversation; this should not, by any means be the focus of your rapport building.

Often you may find things out about prospects that you can utilize in midst of a conversation, however sometimes you may find nothing. It is just always worth doing the research because it may be that ‘interest’ that you execute could get you the sale.

By doing research before hand on the company, the individual and the industry – you will set yourself up for a successful conversation. 

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