• How to build customer relationships

How to build customer relationships

It’s like a parrot stuck on repeat when we say sales is all about people. It’s true. People skills are extremely useful when working in the sales field – otherwise, well – you probably won’t be making any sales!

Nowadays, it seems as though many businesses are more worried about creating new prospects and worrying less about existing ones. They could be verging on a slippery slope here; because existing customers could still be the diamonds in the dirt, even despite unsuccessful initial contact – all is required is a little more time and attention. It is important to first improve customer loyalty so that it helps the business to keep maintaining existing customer relationships.

Finding new customers can be a long and tedious process - a lot of money, time and effort can be spent in searching for new leads from conferences, advertising, negotiating and marketing. Not to say that these efforts should not be made! But, do not forget to cater to those customers you have already started talking to and even though they may not be interested in your product at present, it is recommended to continue building a relationship with them for any future opportunities. People know people so they could always recommend you or your product to other people. Don’t let the bridge break.

If you do not have time yourself to maintain relationships as well as finding new prospects, telemarketing and executive events are two of the most effective lead generation techniques.

So how can you maintain relationships with your client?

Make it personal

Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to get into a fight! By making it personal we mean the phone call, marketing campaigns/newsletters or meetings. Use the client’s name. If you don’t know the name then find out so that you can address your client with a more direct and personal approach. Another tip – is to try and remember any key dates that are associated with your client. This could be any company anniversaries, awards they’ve won, ventures they are going on – congratulate them. This is just a small gesture you can make to stay at the forefront of your client’s minds – try not to overkill it. Make it genuine – a simple email or a quick call.

Let them know who you are

Although many businesses successfully introduce sales scripts with the pronouns, ‘we’ and ‘us’ – try and take a different tangent and mix it up so that the client knows a little bit about whom you are. This doesn’t mean you need to talk about yourself for the next hour, it simply means adding character to the conversation in some way that you can. Try and find a talking point if you feel like the conversation doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. This will help your client become more comfortable with talking to you without feeling like it’s a direct sales speech.

Value their opinion and expertise

Get your customers take on the inquiry, see what they think and feel about the product. You need to involve the customer with the product to generate more interest. If they aren’t interested, why not ask to find out what they don’t find interesting. A little market research can take you miles ahead. You can also try and sell the product through offering complimentary webinars, training or discounts. Businesses and consumers love to be put under the spotlight as center of attention. Value your customer and show them your appreciation of their business with yours. Especially with existing customers, they won’t feel the need to go elsewhere if they are being well looked after by you.

What other things do you think are important when dealing with customers or clients?

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