• How The Recession has affected Telemarketing Organisations

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How The Recession has affected Telemarketing Organisations

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Telemarketing has been one of the industries that has continued to see positive growth through the recession as successful organisations continue to see it as a focused and cost effective means of gaining new business. Indeed the recession has helped many companies realise they need to explore new ways of developing their sales channels and telemarketing offers just such an opportunity.

During the recession competitiveness has been more evident in many industries and companies in many sectors have been forced to find new ways of selling and marketing to deliver their objectives. Telemarketing is a relatively cheap way of sourcing new clients and can be used to build and maintain relationships in addition to securing face-to-face appointments.

Cold calls become warm prospects and turn into to face-to-face appointments.

Many professional firms have recently been speaking to telemarketing companies as they ‘need to do something’ to get business through their door. Speaking directly to people is the most effective way of communications and marketing despite the plethora of online social networking and more traditional advertising and PR. Picking up the phone is the best way of contacting lots of companies and is a good method of quickly eliminating prospects that are not interested in the products and services a company has to offer. These companies are screened out and the remaining prospective clients are happy to arrange an appointment.

Measuring your return on investment (ROI) is easily done through telemarketing when compared to many other forms of marketing such as PR, direct mail, advertising and online media. A telemarketing campaign is a direct ‘hit’ to the key decision-maker and therefore if an appointment is made then the return on the campaign is easily tracked and the company will know exactly which marketing campaign it came from.

During the recession some businesses have decided to run telemarketing campaigns in-house. Whilst on the face of it this may seem a cheaper option than out-sourcing in the long run the return on investment is generally higher when the full cost of employment of telemarketers in-house is calculated. Professional telemarketing companies produce focused and engaging scripts that capture the audience and produce appointments for their client. They are objective and can factor in best practice and examples of effective approaches from a broader range of market sectors thereby increasing the conversion rate of call into appointment. A positive and high ongoing conversion rate of call to appointment is at the heart of the value a professional telemarketing company can provide to the growth of a business.

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