• Going Off Script – A Quick Guide

Going Off Script – A Quick Guide

We believe that having a script is the best way to manage and measure a b2b telemarketing campaign. It allows you to hone your message for your audience, accurately judge what’s successful, and modify your campaign as a result.

We’ve written about it elsewhere. However, in any B2B telemarketing campaign, you can’t just read a script and hope that the person you are talking at will sit back and listen. If they’re actually interested in what you’re saying, they’ll probably interrupt you and ask questions, or ask for clarification.

The art of a telemarketer is not to read a script – the art of a telemarketer is to convince the person with whom they’re talking to book an appointment.

Questions, questions, questions

Questions are good. They show an interest. And if you talk to your client, you can often find out common questions that they get asked during the sales process. They’ll probably crop up. 

So create a list of questions and rebuttals that commonly come up for the client themselves, and you’ll have a ‘crib sheet’ that you can refer to.

It’s important not to make it seem like you have a crib sheet.

Too much knowledge can be a bad thing

It’s important, however, for the telemarketer not to be able to answer the question fully. There are some good reasons for this:

1. You’ll fully satisfy the question, meaning that you’ve lost an opportunity to demonstrate why they need an appointment
2. You can get taken too far from the original script, and can get lost in an in-depth conversation. The objective becomes harder to obtain.

Getting back on script

It is important to find a way of getting back from the question to the script without ‘jarring’ the conversation. It has to sound natural.

A good telemarketer will find a way of pulling the question and answer back to the original point in the script, or somewhere close to it, without seeming impatient to get back on-script.

After all, it is the script that is designed to capture the appointment – moving too far away from it moves you too far away from the original objective.

A script is hugely important to a telemarketing campaign, but the ability of a telemarketer to be able to field questions with ease is crucial. Moreover, it is crucial that the telemarketer doesn’t answer the questions fully – it’s a good opportunity to say “this is why you need an appointment”, and that your colleague will be able to answer the question fully.



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