• Case Study - Telemarketing Rescues a Great Idea

Case Study

Telemarketing Rescues a Great Idea

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Viper Marketing spotted a clear market opportunity for itself following successful projects completed with two new clients in the Outdoor Adventure Travel sector. It quickly realised that the marketing and communication planning days it had run with these clients had changed not only the way these businesses looked at their marketplace and customers but also helped foster a fundamental and positive shift in outlook and structure within each organisation.

So quickly Viper realised it would like to help other similar businesses to realise these same benefits and maximise the effectiveness of its team of dedicated outdoor adventure specialists.


Integrity helped Viper to understand its unique selling proposition (USP) in the Adventure Travel sector. The one thing that they could confidently claim to truly benefit the client. By objectively questioning Viper and drilling right down to the real value they can add to the clients' business Integrity knew they then had the ammunition to take out into the marketplace and start talking to decision makers in the target companies.

A database was built partly from the knowledge and experience already inside the Viper team but also some initial data-mining calls by Integrity as they tested the water and the subtle nuances of the telemarketing script they had created.

Within a matter of just a few calls, and bearing in mind this is a niche market with only a few hundred companies to be contacted, the professionalism and quality of each and every call was of paramount importance.

Viper knew confidently that Integrity would provide a good percentage return on the number of calls by delivering high quality, confirmed appointments with the key decision makers. Not only this but the style of conversation had warmed up the client and helped them to understand the value they should expect from working with Viper. What better way to enter your first meeting with a new client.


The outcome of a campaign like this is of course providing a high quality service to a client to ensure a long term and mutually profitable relationship. But it's also about proving the value of the investment in telemarketing. Fortunately with Integrity you can plan your financial return in advance. Integrity will give you a clear estimation of the number of days of calls and hence the cost to you. From that you can quickly do calculations on the likely return per day based on their industry leading statistics for conversion rates. Apply then your own conversion rate per visit to a potential new client and you have at your finger tips a key strategic tool for setting and measuring the profit you can make from telemarketing.

There are few if any direct marketing methods that can deliver such measurable, personal and profitable results.

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