• Can B2B telemarketing be the biggest factor of a B2B advertising, or marketing, campaign?

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Can B2B telemarketing be the biggest factor of a B2B advertising, or marketing, campaign?

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Telemarketing’s approach differs greatly from telesales and is one of the most successful methods of creating business connections. This form of marketing is more concerned with creating appointment generation campaigns but it is also an art-form in building and maintaining the relationships it is forming for the company.

The script of a B2B telemarketing campaign is the fundamental and essential tool as it will allow your organisation an “in” with the businesses you’re approaching. Scripts will be highly targeted to ensure the best results from the campaign. These will be thoroughly tested and methods are put in place to make the best ROI and to ensure they get to the key decision-maker in the targeted company.

Deviation in many cases is another essential part of a telemarketing campaign. Telemarketers are well versed and trained to deal with a variety of phone-based situations and have the ability to build the business relationship and be flexible in conversation, whilst using sophisticated persuasive techniques.

Telemarketing companies help businesses to avoid the most commonly made mistakes. The initial call of a telemarketing campaign, like an advertising / marketing campaign, is just the first step to influence the decision-makers, without being too pushy. B2B telemarketing involves mush more than just one phone call. it should also include a variety of communication channels such as follow-up calls, emails and carefully selected information to nurture the business relationship that then leads to an appointment. A successful telemarketing campaign should work alongside an advertising/marketing campaign to have a greater impact and for increased brand awareness.

The practicality and flexibility of the B2B telemarketing approach is one of the most effective methods for generating appointments, sales and vital new business and it can open up new doors to business opportunities and appointments required to make the advertising or marketing campaign successful for the client.

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