• What is bad data and how do you deal with it?

What is bad data & how do you deal with it?

If a telemarketing campaign isn’t as successful as it could have been, very often the reason is down to one thing: data. Yes, there are other elements at play, but bad data can kill a telemarketing campaign even before it starts.

So what is bad data? There are several different kinds of bad data:

1)  Incorrect names or job roles

This kind of bad data will kill the level of trust in you as a telemarketer and in your business. If you ask for someone called Mr Smith, and find out that due to an error in your data fields, it’s really Mrs Smith, you’ve started on the wrong foot. It’ll be hard to retrieve the situation unless Mrs Smith has a good sense of humour.

2)  Incorrect phone numbers

You won’t even get through to the right person if you don’t have the right number. You could have wrong numbers – and you could have generic reception phone numbers. The second case is obviously better, but it does involve going through gatekeepers more often than not, reducing your chances of getting through.

3)  Inconsistent data

You may have good contact data, but if those contacts are all from different industries, or are at different levels within organisations, then you fact the problem of inconsistent data. The knock-on effect is that your message has to be adapted for every call – or you have a blanket message that has less impact. If you profile your data first, and restrict your campaign to industries and/or job roles, you can refine a message that will have a greater impact.

4)  Badly recycled data

We all have a limited data set – after all, we know our sweet spots, and we will want to target organisations in those sweet spots. For many businesses, that restricts our data set. That means we could be talking to the same people quite a lot – so recycling your data in an efficient manner is important. Bad data will include data that should be ringfenced – don’t contact those who don’t want to be contacted for 6 months. Don’t contact customers with a prospecting message, either. Ensure that your customers are excluded from campaigns!

Bad data can seriously damage your chances of getting results from your telemarketing campaign, so keep it clean, profile it, and recycle it efficiently.

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