• 5 Telemarketing Mistakes to Avoid

5 Telemarketing Mistakes to Avoid

Targeted telemarketing campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to drive new business. However, there are many potential pitfalls to avoid on the path to success.

These days, prospects are naturally wary of marketing calls, so it's essential to be polished and professional. By taking a considered approach, you can quickly gain a prospect's confidence and steer them towards products and services of interest.

We bring you some common mistakes to avoid in your b2b telemarketing campaigns.

1. Don't forget to verify the identity of the caller

Getting the pitch to the right decision maker is key, so don't launch straight in without verifying the identity of the person you are calling. Pitch to a skilled gatekeeper and they may screen the call to prevent you speaking to your target. It is also simple courtesy to find out who you're speaking to and allows you to tailor your approach to the individual.

2. Don't waste your introduction

The first 15 seconds are crucial for establishing your credentials and making a strong impression; so make sure you don't waste your introduction.

Introduce the company you are representing and ask the prospect whether they have heard of them. If they haven't, this then provides an opportunity to describe what they do and mention their existing clients and how they have helped them.

Rather than concentrating on the hard sell, try to focus on the problems that the company can help your prospect solve. This will encourage dialogue and give the conversation a more natural feel.

3. Don't be dismissive of your prospect's questions 

It is important not to dismiss your prospect's questions, even if they appear to be irrelevant. The fact that they are asking questions indicates a certain level of interest, which should be encouraged. Answer any basic questions to the best of your knowledge; however remember to leave anything complex or technical for your client to answer in their follow-up.

4. Never interrupt or talk over a prospect

Interrupting or talking over the person you are calling is one of worst mistakes a telemarketer can make. Firstly, it is impolite; secondly it is one of the quickest ways to alienate a prospect. Even if you have a crucial point to make, wait until the individual has stopped speaking. This way, you sound respectful and considerate and are more likely to gain their trust.

5. Don't rush the person you are calling

Steering the conversation too fast can prevent you from developing a connection with the person you are calling. So, ensure you take the time to answer their questions and keep focusing on how you may be able to help them. It can be frustrating when the conversation doesn't seem to be progressing; however it's essential to give your prospect the benefit of the doubt.

Telemarketing requires a professional approach with consideration for those you are calling. There is no doubt that it takes time to build up skills and experience. However, it also requires an awareness of the consumer mind-set and a willingness to adapt your approach.

Above all, keep potential pitfalls in mind, and keep the conversation flowing; this way you should be able to maximise your chances of success.

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