• Telemarketing for Insurance Brokers

Telemarketing for Insurance Brokers

By far the most common business to business telemarketing call likely to be received by a company is one about insurance. It is essential that insurance brokers wanting to commission a campaign have, or can develop some unique or unusual selling points.

Sector-specific campaigns will yield the best results, but brokers must ensure that they are able to demonstrate their sector-specific credentials. This may be by showcasing some of their better sector clients, or their membership of trade associations. Contributions to trade publications can be extremely useful marketing collateral.

Don’t forget, a unique or unusual selling point may well be an exceptional local reputation. If this is the case, then a general insurance campaign can be run successfully so long as it is a fairly local campaign; these campaigns work well for brokers who want to expand their local coverage.

The design of a successful sector-specific campaign must include:

  • A demonstration of a broker’s overall credibility and high standing.
  • Proof of the broker’s expertise in the claimed area of specialisation.
  • Contact data that only includes companies that operate in the chosen sector, (This may sound obvious, but data purchased on the basis of SIC codes will contain a significant number of inaccurate records).

Here at Integrity the average age of our callers is 45+. We appreciate the importance of our clients’ brands, and the need to deliver a sophisticated message by a credible operative. The average age in most call centres is 23; we don’t believe that most 23 year olds are capable of consistently delivering a credible message on behalf of our clients. Therefore, we hope that most of our calls are seen as very different from most.

We would be delighted to discuss in detail how we might be able to assist you in acquiring more clients while enhancing your brand image. As with all campaigns we provide our clients with a minimum appointment guarantee of both numbers and quality.

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