• Telemarketing for Consultancies

Telemarketing for Consultancies

Consultancy campaigns tend to be conceptual in nature where we are usually required to sell an idea or a concept, the end result being to provide a solution to a problem our prospect has.

The first thing we are usually required to do is convince our prospect that they have, or may have a problem that we can solve. So consultancies need to be clear about the problem they intend solving and how best to convince our audience that they have this problem.

Many consultancies offer ‘Free no obligation health checks’ or similar, these campaigns are no longer as successful as they once were, mainly because companies know this is often just a means to get an opportunity to find a problem that the consultancy can then charge to solve.

Integrity are experts at developing sophisticated consultancy campaigns that avoid many of the more traditional and overused approaches and pitfalls.

We are proud of our creativity and lateral approach to campaign design.

Here at Integrity the average age of our callers is 45+, we appreciate the importance of our clients’ brand, and the need to deliver a sophisticated message by a credible operative. The average age in most call centres is 23, we don’t believe that most 23 year olds are capable of consistently delivering a credible message on behalf of our clients. We hope that most of our calls are seen as very different and refreshing.

We would be delighted to discuss in detail how we might be able to assist you in acquiring more clients while enhancing your brand image. As with all campaigns we provide our clients with a minimum appointment guarantee of both numbers and quality.

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